Lodi Truck Parking

Truck Parking in Lodi is available East of Hwy 99 in Lodi, see below.

The Lodi Department of Motor Vehicles is within walking distance of the daytime Truck Parking areas, shown as solid lines on the map (Lodi Avenue and Guild Avenue).

For Drivers with only their rig for transportation, it may be helpful to know OHS is 2.5 miles from DMV. Ride sharing services or Lodi Grapevine Transit (Call (209) 333-6806 or lodi.gov/transit/routes.html) may allow a driver to park near DMV, get a ride to OHS for DOT medical exam, and return to the DMV and their parked vehicle. Walking may be a reasonable option as well.

Map of Lodi Truck Parking
Street Parking for Commercial Trucks near DMV in Lodi, CA