Workplace Wellness

Occupational Medical testing and monitoring

At Occupational Health Services in Lodi, Workplace Wellness is encouraged through appropriate testing and key components of safety programs.

Respirator Clearance

Drug Testing

As part of a comprehensive drug-free workplace testing program, testing may be a part of company policy e.g., after an accident or if behavior triggers reasonable suspicion of supervisors.  In some cases, non-mandated random drug testing may be permissible.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Testing for alcohol is accurately accomplished with DOT-approved devices and procedures, including training of Breath Alcohol Technicians.

Audiometer hearing test

Calibrated equipment and sound booth are used to assess baseline hearing acuity and for follow-up in cases of possible threshold shift hearing loss. Link to OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure Regulations

Cholinesterase Pesticide monitoring

For workers handling and/or spraying organophosphate or carbamate pesticides, pre-exposure and periodic testing may be required. In keeping with California Department of Pesticide Regulation guidelines, OHS offers Medical Supervisor services including collection of blood samples for submission to state-approved labs.

Fitness for Duty Evaluation

After absence from work due to injury or illness, determine whether an employee is truly capable and safe.


  • Hepatitis B vaccinations are provided any time.
  • On-site flu vaccinations are available seasonally.